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Dr. David Clark Mitchell
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Dr. David Clark is a lecturer at the University of Corunna and secretary of the University Institute of Research in Irish Studies “Amergin”. His doctoral thesis dealt with Neil M. Gunn’s  literary work.  He is co-editor, together with Professor Antonio de Toro Santos, of As Noves Ondas, and is the author of numerous articles published in academic journals of Spain and other countries.

He has also collaborated in several cultural activities (radio programmes, television, articles and interviews in the Galician press) designed to bring Irish and Galician cultures closer to each other.

Concerning PhD teaching, he has tought different subjects related to 19th and 20th century literature, as well as subjects dealing with the history of Scottish and Irish literatures. Among them, it may be worth mentioning the courses “Scottish Literature before the Union”, “Contemporary Scottish Poetry”, “Contemporary Scottish and Irish Narrative” y “Points of Inflection between Irish and Scottish Literature”. He has also imparted some seminars, as well in summer courses as in postgraduate courses all around Spain, in collaboration with several universities in Spain and abroad, different autonomic governments, councils and private entities. Some examples are the “I Practical Course of Translation (English-Spanish, Spanish-English)", “Guiding Reading of Joyce’s Ulysses” and “Conference on the British Periphery”, organized by the Junta de Andalucia.

Dr. Clark is a member of: Asociación Española de James Joyce, Asociación Española de Estudios Irlandeses and IASIL (International Association for the Study of Irish Literature).

Dr. Pablo Cancelo López
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Dr. Pablo Cancelo is a senior lecturer at the English Department of the University of a Corunna. Dr. Cancelo has made a wide teaching and scientific contribution to the field of information technologies and its application to the elaboration of electronic dictionaries and the learning and teaching of the English language. Particularly outstanding is his work on Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) courses, one of the most innovative projects developed for the PhD programmes of the University of Corunna.  

He is a senior lecturer of English Phonetics and Phonology and Technical English in several faculties of the same university. He has carried a very important research work, which has resulted in numerous publications. Among the most relevant, to mention just a few, are:  “Hackers, crackers, phreakers y otros grupos del ciberespacio”, “Memory and storage: The Role of Memory in Lexical Retrieval and Translation”, “Últimas corrientes teóricas en los estudios de traducción y sus aplicaciones” or “Aplicaciones informáticas en la elaboración de diccionarios”. 



Dr. José Manuel Estévez-Saá

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Prof. Dr. José Manuel Estévez-Saá, Ph.D (English), LL.M.Eur (Law), M.Phil (Politics & Sociology), is Senior-Tenured Lecturer / Associate Professor at the University of A Coruña and The Amergin University Institute. He is the coordinator of the UDC Ph.D program “New Approaches to Anglo-American and Irish Studies” and the UDC “Inter-University Master in Advanced English Studies and its Applications (iMAES)”. He is the Director of the International Policy and Transcultural Relations Observatory (OPIRET-UDC). He has enjoyed teaching positions at the University of Santiago de Compostela and at the University of Seville (where he has been Vice-Dean until 2008), and as Invited Visiting Professor at the University of California (UCSB) and the City University of New York (CUNY-CCNY). His main fields of research are Cultural Criticism, Political Theory, Contemporary Literature, Critical Theory, International Politics, Literary Anthropology, and Cultural Studies, on which he has published book chapters, articles, books, editions, and coeditions such as Cultura de Supervivencia vs. Cultura de Progreso (2002), Oscar Wilde: el alma del hombre bajo el socialismo y notas periodísticas (2002), Sociedades y Culturas: Nuevas formas de aproximación literaria y cultural (2004), Popular Culture and Popular Literature: Expressions and Approaches in Irish, Anglo-American and Other (Con)Texts (2005), Joyceana: Literaria Hibernica (2005), Cuerpos de mujer en sus (con)textos anglogermánicos, hispánicos y mediterráneos (2005), Mujeres: espacio y poder (2006), Escritoras y pensadoras anglosajonas (2008), JoyceSbylia (2011), Dreaming the Future: New Horizons / Old Barriers in 21st-Century Ireland. Irish Studies in Europe, Vol. 3 (2011), etc. He has also published several articles and book chapters on writers such as James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Edna O’Brien, W. B. Yeats, Sean O’Reilly, Joseph O’Connor, Dermot Bolger, William Trevor and Janice Galloway, among others. He is Research Member and Coordinator of various R+D Projects of the Spanish Ministry Economy and Competitiveness, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the Regional Galician Government of Spain. Currently he is Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Literary Studies and Popular Culture (SELICUP), and opinion columnist and international analyst in various Spanish media. Web-page: www.josemanuelestevezsaa.com



Dr. Miguel Alonso Giráldez
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Is currently lecturer of English language and literature at the University of A Coruña, UDC, (Spain). His main interests are Irish literature, namely contemporary Irish poetry and drama (he wrote his PhD on the Irish poet Bernard O’Donoghue), James Joyce, translation, and cultural relations between Galicia and Ireland. He has also done some research on Shakespeare and the translations of Cervante’s Don Quixote into English. He has contributed to numerous conferences, home and abroad, and published several research papers, mostly on Irish issues. He is also a member of the postgraduate teaching staff at the Research Centre for Irish Studies ‘Amergin’ (UDC, Spain), and a member of the Spanish Association of English and American Studies, the Spanish Association of Irish Studies, the James Joyce Spanish Association, among others.


Dr. Eduardo Barros Grela
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    Ph.D (2003): State University of New York
     M.A. (1999):
State University of New York


    Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Isidro Parga Pondal Program, Xunta de Galicia) (2008- )
    Associate Professor: California State University (2003-2008)
    Predoctoral Research Fellow: Humanities Institute (New York) (2002-2003)  
    Adjunct Professor: State University of New York (1998-2002)



 Professional :
- Postdoctoral Research Fellow ( Ángeles Alvariño Program, Xunta de Galicia) (2010- )
- Language Assistant ( School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland) (2009-2010)
- Visiting Research Fellow ( SALIS Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland) (2008-2009)
- Predoctoral Research Fellow ( María Barbeito Program, Xunta de Galicia) (2006-2009)

Dr. Rubén Jarazo Álvarez has been investigating in the influence of Anglo-Irish and Galician literatures as well as the economic, cultural and identity implications of these interactions. He has coordinated the II and III International Conferences on Peripheral Cultures with successful key speakers such as Prof. John Rutherford (Oxford University), Poet Alan Kent (Open University), Gerry Smyth (Liverpool University), Dr. Ciarann Carson (Queen’s University), held at Coruna University in November 2006 and 2008, respectively. Dr. Jarazo has also worked on the First Spanish Ph. D. Online Programme on Irish Studies at the University Institute of Research in Irish Studies “Amergin”. Amongst his main interests, we could highlight several publications, seminars and workshops on Translation Studies he directed in his local university or the organization of the II International Symposium “Forging Identities: Past into Present” in collaboration with the Dublin City University and the School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies held in Dublin in April 2008, or the III International Symposium 'The Time has Come: The Future of Interdisciplinary Studies in Galiza and Eire' in January 2010, in collaboration with University College Cork and the Irish Centre for Galician Studies.

Dr. Jarazo is a member of Asociación Española de James Joyce and their platform www.papersonjoyce.es, Asociación Española de Estudios Irlandeses AEDEI and EFACIS. As far as his research capacity is concerned, his recent research has been diverted into different areas from cultural industry/production, music and identity, Anglo-Irish theatre in the XVIII and XIX centuries, Celtic cultures, William Shakespeare and censorship, translation studies and minority languages, to peripheral representations in Western culture, amongst others.

Dr. Jarazo has also edited with Dr. Clark several recent publications on Irish culture and the impact of the economic crisis after the Celtic Tiger in Ireland:

- To Banish Ghost and Goblin'. New Essays on Irish Culture . Netbiblo, 2010
- In the Wake of the Tiger. Irish Studies in the Twenty-First Century . Netbiblo, 2010. 



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