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IV International Symsosium of the University Institute of Research in Irish Studies ‘Amergin’ and the National University of Ireland Galway NUIG.

“The Speckled Ground”: Hybridity and Cultural Production in Galicia and Ireland.

March 30th – April 1st 2012

National University of Ireland, Galway


The relationship between Galicia and Ireland has been, in cultural terms, somewhat one-sided. Ireland, as a model, has been used as a banner for Galician cultural nationalism since at least the early 19th century. For Ireland, however, Galicia has always been an unknown quantity. Even when, in the heady days of the new Democracy of the post-Franco period, Galiza, despite the ancient and contemporary economic links (the Galician fishing community around Bantry Bay before the Tiger period was amongst the largest immigrant groups in Ireland) was still unknown. Only recently Galician literature, music and art have been awarded any degree of relevance in Ireland. And this recognition has been achieved thanks to the effort of symposia, events, and more specifically to scholars. In this conference, scholars are invited to participate with a contribution on any of the following topics:

·         Cultural hybridity in Irish or Galician literatures, music, film, television or other media.

·         Linguistic hybridity in Irish or Galician literature, music, film, television or other media.

·         Experiences of publishing literature in Irish and Galician: author, editor, reader, critic.

·         The emergence of hybrid forms in Irish or Galician cultural production.

·         Representations of new cultural presences and evolving communities in Irish or Galician literature, music, film, television or other media.

·         Experiences of translation in Ireland and Galicia: process and product:

Papers (15-20 minutes) are invited in any of the following areas: Because Galicia and Ireland share a bilingual tradition, papers with an Irish language element will be especially welcome.

Please submit abstracts to

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   by Monday, November 30th, 2011.


Curso de iniciación á lingua
e á cultura irlandesas
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Irlanda en Europa: una visión social integral de su cultura y su desarrollo social y económico.

Summer Course.


Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
Instituto Universitario de Estudios Irlandeses Amergin, UDC.

21/07/2008 al 23/07/2008
A Coruña



Rocky Road to Ireland: Irish Studies in the Wake of the Tiger

VIII International Conference of the Spanish Association in Irish Studies AEDEI
A Coruña, 28 -30 May 2008
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